På spaning efter solidaritet: samspelet mellan europeiska asylpolitikens inre och yttre dimensioner

År: 2019 // Projektledare: Eleni Karageorgiou // Anslagsförvaltare: Lunds universitet // Område: Rättsvetenskap // Belopp: 1 386 743 kr

After the entry into force of the Lisbon treaty, the meaning and implications of solidarity in European asylum law and policy has drawn much attention in the literature. This expanded the last couple of years following the 2015/2016 refugee crisis. For all its merits, existing scholarly research does not address the function of solidarity as an organizational principle of the AFSJ in a holistic manner. Scholars tend to differentiate between solidarity measures in immigration and asylum policies across the Member States, and solidarity’s function in EU relations with third countries. Thus, little attention has been paid to the interconnection between the assumptions surrounding the law of intra-EU asylum solidarity and that of EU relations with third countries. The present project seeks to remedy these shortcomings in the existing literature by exploring the forces that inform solidarity in European asylum policy and the ways they affect the continued transformation of refugee law in Europe and beyond.