The lab is finally taking shape!

Moving back from my postdoc in Toronto I was full with exciting ideas of potential research questions and experiments that I would like to explore now when I was setting up my own lab. During 2013 I was mainly focused on establishing access to required equipment, infrastructure, collaborations and securing the required funding to perform these projects. With all this finally in place, my two first members have now joined the lab in January.

Dr. Sophie Petropoulos is one of two postdoctoral fellows awarded the highly prestigious and first Mats Sundin Fellowship in Developmental Health. Mats Sundin, the former captain of the Swedish ice hockey team and Toronto Maple Leafs captain has initiated this Fellowship, which provides advanced postdoctoral training in human development but also aim to bridge the research environments of University of Toronto and Karolinska Institutet. Having strong connections to Toronto myself, I am therefore very proud to have Sophie in my lab.

Sophie Petropoulos with Mats Sundin

Sophie will be working in my and Rickard Sandbergs labs, focus on establishing the transcriptional blueprint during human blastocyst development to understand how the first cell types are established. In parallel she will strive to explore how adverse environmental factors can influence proper development of the early embryo.

John Paul Schell

John Paul Schell is starting as a PhD-student. He has extensive hands on experience with pluripotent stem cells from working as a lab manager in the internationally acclaimed lab of Dr. Jeanne F. Loring, The Scripps Research Institute. He is now eager to start dissecting how different pluripotent states are regulated not only in the dish but also in the developing early.

Having both these great members in the lab is really inspiring and I am looking forward to expanding the team shortly and especially to actually getting our exciting research going during 2014!