A constructive start

Copenhagen in Spring!

We had a fruitful two-day kick-off in the end of April in the wonderful premises at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Laurence Romani, who is spending this spring semester at CBS and Sara Louise Muhr, who is based at CBS, were joined by Charlotte Holgersson coming from Stockholm and Katarina Pilhofer from Hamburg. Katarina has a Master’s degree from CBS and is presently working at an American HR-consulting firm. She will however relocate to Stockholm in September and start as a PhD-student at the Stockholm School of Economics. Katarina is interested in leadership and ethics and will be contributing to the project.

During the kick-off, we mixed brainstorming discussions, sessions were we structured our future work and meetings with colleagues in both practice and research. We had a very inspiring meeting with Henrik Sønderskov who has successfully worked with diversity and inclusion in the Danish Defense, discussing developments in diversity and inclusion practices. We also met with the CBS Diversity Group that consists of researchers in different fields at CBS that are all interested in research on diversity. We presented our project and had fruitful discussions on possible future collaborations. In all, we could not have wished for a more stimulating and constructive start for our project!