Changing roles

When I think about what happened in the past year, ‘changing roles’ is the first phrase jumps into my mind, which also concerns me most at present.

In 2015, two major events have happened in my life: one is that I became a mother! While enjoying this new role, I do feel the challenge of balancing of work and private life. Time becomes more precious for me and I try my best to improve efficiency: keep focus, prioritize more important task, adjust work/life schedule etc.

The second major change is that I got support from Ragnar Söderbergs Foundation, which allows me to expand my research team. This changes my role from an independent researcher to a team leader. Before I only think about how to perform my own projects; now I need to supervise other junior researchers and decide the strategy and directions for the whole team. I spent some time in management nowadays, which is completely new experience for me. To this end, I got a lot of help and support from the senior researchers and managers in our department. I also spend some time to participate in the leadership programme offered in our department. Although these activities takes some time away from my research, I think these efforts will be paid off since an efficient team is the key to realize my research goal.

In addition to the research work, I also spare more time for teaching. I believe that to convey knowledge and inspire students is an important responsibility for a scientist. For example, this year we introduced a workshop about translational research to be a part of a clinical course in our department. In this workshop, we not only taught the students the knowledge about diagnosis and treatment of skin wounds, but also about how we perform research on wound healing and the cutting-edge progress in this field. The medical students also got chance to visit our laboratory and discussed with researchers. I hope this effort could inspire the future clinicians at their early phase of education, since they may become the bridge connecting the scientific research and clinical practice.

For these challenging new roles  a mother, a leader and a teacher  I am learning new skills and making efforts to improve myself. This will be an exciting journey :-)