Call for proposalsRagnar Söderberg postdoctoral fellowship in law

Open call
29 October – 26 November 2019 by 15:00. 

Application submission
Online: Detailed submission guidelines (link opens in new window).

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation announces grants for postdoctoral fellowships in law, with the possibility for a research stay abroad. The foundation encourages applications from researchers that are not yet established in Sweden.

Eligible applicant must:

  • hold a Swedish PhD in law or an equivalent foreign degree awarded during 26 November 2017–26 November 2019 (the period can be extended by a maximum of 2 years to allow for eligible career breaks, which include continuous periods of at least 1 month of parental leave or long-term illness),
  • qualify for a fixed-term employment as a post-doctoral fellow at a Swedish university or research institute according to current appointment procedure,
  • include in the application a letter from the head of the department or equivalent certifying that the applicant will be employed as a post-doctor if awarded,
  • include in the application a Curriculum Vitae and a research proposal (including plan and budget for research visit at a foreign university, if applicable).

The grant
The grant includes:

  • full-time employment at a Swedish university for 2 years with 80 % research and teaching the remaining time (teaching should be fully financed by the university),
  • project-related costs, such as costs for data collecting, conferences and printing,
  • funding of some of the extra costs related to a research stay abroad through a personal stipend. The research stay abroad can include either a longer stay or several shorter, as well as attendance at international conferences. The costs can be included in the application or be applied for later on. The stipend is individually adapted and may cover reasonable accommodation costs, travel and visa costs (one return ticket for researcher and family members) etc.

Indirect costs and direct rental costs for office are financed according to the policy of the Foundation (available only in Swedish). The grant period can start at earliest 1 July 2020 and at latest 1 January 2021.

The host institution shall meet the following requirements:

  • employ the researcher as a post-doctor
  • co-finance teaching
  • co-finance indirect costs, if needed
  • assist in making contacts for a research stay abroad, if needed

Applications will be evaluated based on the scientific quality of the research proposal and the qualifications of the researcher. Three peer-reviewers, professors at different universities and within different research areas, will evaluate eligible applications. Each proposal will first be assessed independently according to pre-determined criteria. At this step the reviewers are anonymous to each other and to the applicants. This will lead to the identification of a number of highly rated proposals that will be discussed by the experts at a consensus meeting. Together, the group will decide on a ranking of the final proposals. The highest ranked applicants will be invited for an interview with the peer-reviewers in the presence of representatives from the Foundation, after which the ranking may be adjusted. The interview will take place in Stockholm on 17 March 2020. Attending the interview is a prerequisite for approval.

The board will take the final decision on awarding the grants, with the ranking as a basis. Successful applicants will receive a notification letter containing the terms and instructions on how the funding can be used and how it will be received. A list of all awarded grants will be published on the Foundation’s website. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via e-mail and via ‘My page’.