Associate senior lecturers in legal science

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation and Uppsala University are jointly announcing two vacancies for associate senior lecturers (biträdande universitetslektorat) at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Law. Applications should be submitted to Uppsala University using their recruitment system and thereafter registered in the application system of the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation (see below).

Application deadline is 17 September 2018.

Application to Uppsala University
Detailed information and link to the recruitment system:

Registration at Ragnar Söderberg Foundation
Registration should include:

  • Lay summary in Swedish or in English
  • Application number at Uppsala University
  • The complete application that was sent to Uppsala University (pdf)

Log in

Log in through the symbol in the upper right corner at the start page of the website. You will reach ‘My page’, where you create an account and thereafter register your application.

The registration is done in five steps
. You can save your information at every step provided that the fields are correctly completed; otherwise a warning will be displayed. From step 3, you will have the possibility to work with your application in a non-chronological order. Your application is editable until you actively choose to submit it at the last step.

1. Grant manager
A. Grant manager
 – Choose Uppsala University from the drop-down menu.
B. Contact details
 – The contact information you provided when creating your account is displayed. Some of the information can be updated under the ‘My profile’ category on ‘My page’.

2. Research field
A. Research field
 – Specify the position that you applied for.
B. Grant period
 – The position is a fixed term (4 years) full time post. Please indicate the anticipated start and end of the appointment.

3. Application summary
A. Project title
 in Swedish or in English (no longer than 150 characters including spaces). Specify the position that you applied for.
B. Lay summary of the description of the planned research activities and the research ambitions
 should be written in Swedish or in English (1,200–1,500 characters including spaces).

 Note that formatted text (e.g. bold letters, italics) will disappear when pasting your text from a word processing program and that the application system may count the number of characters differently to, e.g., Word. It is the application system’s character count that is valid. If the stated maximum is exceeded, all characters exceeding the maximum will be cut off. Therefore, always preview your application before submitting it.

4. Application
A. Application – Please specify the application number of the application that was sent to Uppsala University and attach the complete application (pdf; maximum 20 MB).
B. Additional attachments (not mandatory) – There is a possibility to attach additional documents but this is not mandatory.

5. Preview and submission
Here you can preview and submit your registration. A submitted registration cannot be changed. Once you have submitted your application you will be redirected to ‘My page’. A message confirming that ‘Your application is now submitted’ will be displayed, as well as a case reference number.