Sjö- och transporträtt – transport av gods och passagerare

År: 2017 // Projektledare: Olena Bokareva // Anslagsförvaltare: Lunds universitet // Område: Rättsvetenskap

My future research plans include finalizing of the postdoctoral project and publication of articles and also deepening my knowledge and understanding of fundamental topics in maritime and private law. After completion of the postdoctoral project I would like to develop my research further by combining two major areas of maritime law – carriage of goods and passengers and to contribute to the on-going international debate on international and regional uniformity in maritime and transport law. The main goal is to examine an issue of uniformity in transport law and the problems it faces in modern times. This will lead to the analysis of possible solutions that can be offered for international uniformity and also regional harmonization on the example of the European Union. The project has an objective to cover broader areas of contract law and law of obligations, issues of liability, contractual and non-contractual damages, jurisdiction and applicable law, all of which constitute major elements of private and commercial law. My ultimate goal is to become an international scholar in the area of private commercial and maritime law and contribute to teaching and research in this field at the Faculty of Law and internationally, including collaboration and interdisciplinary research conducted with scholars from Lund University and from abroad.