Internationell rätt – om människor på flykt

År: 2017 // Projektledare: Valdislava Stoyanova // Anslagsförvaltare: Lunds universitet // Område: Rättsvetenskap

For the next 4 years my research activities will have two pillars in terms of subject matter – (1) positive obligations in human rights law, and (2) the rights of people on the move. These two pillars will be explored through the lenses of public international law (e.g. the Convention related to the Status of Refugees), and Council of Europe law and EU law. In this way, the complexities engendered by the multiplicities of legal frameworks will be clarified. The strengths and weaknesses of these multiplicities will be investigated. The legal reasoning and the standards imposed by the institutions (e.g. European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the EU) mandated to interpret and supervise the application of the legal standards, will be contrasted and elucidated. As to the first pillar, I will focus on the scope of states’ positive obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights, under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women. As to the second pillar, I will focus on the role of national governments in shaping asylum in Europe and on the scope of state discretion to control the movement of refugees.