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14 september 2016

Visning av dokumentärfilm om alternativt entreprenörskap

What form does entrepreneurship take when companies aim for social value creation? This documentary illustrates how the Hungarian company Prezi engages in the Roma community in the village Bag, one hour from Budapest. Based on an ethnographic method, the documentary is produced by entrepreneurship researchers at Uppsala University and Stockholm University. The purpose of the documentary is to evoke questions about alternative forms of entrepreneurship that currently are becoming increasingly popular. The film problematizes the activities under taken by the company by attending to various voices displayed during the renovation of private homes of the Roma in Bag.

Free admission to film screening at Slottsbiografen in Uppsala!

Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 6:30 PM 
Join us for drinks and snacks immediately following the film


The research documentary (40 minutes) is followed by the film We just want to live produced by Elin Bååth and Narcisa Genesa Ion. Elin follows Genesa to Romania and they discuss discrimination, dreams and friendship.

Link: We just want to live (35 minutes, Documentary, 2015)

After which a panel discussion will be held to fur ther the topic on alternative forms of entrepreneurship. Some of the panelists are: Karin Berglund, Associate Professor at Stockholm University; Karen Verduyn, Senior Lecturer at Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship, VU University Amsterdam; Imre Szeles, camera man and editor;Rickard Klerfors, Development Manager at the Swedish NGO Hear t to Hear t; and Fred Taikon, Chairman for É Romani Glinda-publishing in Sweden.


The screening is arranged by the research group on Alternative Entrepreneurship and by Uppsala University.

Contact person: Annika Skoglund: 070-425 0908;

Read more: 

The research project website (including a short film about the project).