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04 december 2015

Lars Maegdefessel beviljas ERC Starting Grant

Lars Maegdefessels forskningsprojekt Therapeutic and Biomarker Potential of long non-coding RNAs in Vascular Disease har beviljats ett ERC Starting Grant om cirka 1,5 miljoner euro. Projektet förklaras i ERC-ansökan på följande vis: "The contribution of cardiovascular disease to human morbidity and mortality continues to steadily increase in our aging European society. In response, extraordinary efforts have been launched to determine the molecular and pathophysiological characteristics of its etiology. The collective work of multiple research groups has uncovered a complex transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory milieu, which is believed to be essential for maintaining cardiovascular homeostasis. Recently, non-coding RNAs, especially the ones with antisense capabilities such as microRNAs or ‘natural antisense transcripts’ (NATs) have received much attention. They have been identified as important transcriptional and post-transcriptional inhibitors of gene expression."

– This is a great opportunity to compete with our research on an international level. We will be able to expand our group and fill all the different ideas we have with determined experimental work and hopefully great results, enabling us to find better therapeutic and biomarker solutions on the molecular level for patients with cardiovascular diseases, säger Lars Maegdefessel.

I årets utlysning av ERC Starting Grant inkom totalt 2920 ansökningar varav 291 beviljats. Av dessa har tio beviljade forskare sin bas i Sverige; Lars Maegdefessel är en av dem.

Tidigare har två Ragnar Söderbergforskare i medicin, Marie Carlén och Fredrik Swartling, beviljats ERC Starting Grant.

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