Guide for applicants Law postdoc

Applications must be submitted using the web-based submission forms at the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation website. Please read through this document prior to starting to prepare your application.

The application should include:

  • CV,
  • proposal,
  • budget,
  • lay summary in Swedish,
  • a letter from the head of the department or equivalent certifying that the applicant will be employed as a post-doctor if awarded,
  • reference to an electronic version of thesis and a maximum of two other electronic publications,

all according to the detailed instructions below.

To log in
Log in through the symbol in the upper right corner at the start page of the website. You will reach ‘My page’, where you can create a new application and review your drafts and submitted applications. All created but not submitted applications will be removed after the closing date.

Previous users
If you have created an account during a previous call, please use the same account. Log in under ‘My page’. Use the ‘Forgot password’ link íf you have forgotten your password.

New users – create an account
Before creating your account, we request that you review the information about the Foundation’s handling of your personal data. In order to create an account, the Foundation requires that you agree to the terms and conditions. Enter your personal information, including contact details. Please note that the e-mail address cannot include upper case letters.

Select a password
A message will be sent to your e-mail address for verification. Use the link in the e-mail message to log in and prepare your application. Please note that you are logged in until you actively log out. English or Swedish can be selected under ´My profile´.

The application is created in seven steps
You can save your information at every step provided that the fields are correctly completed; otherwise a warning will be displayed. From step 3, you will have the possibility to work with your application in a non-chronological order. Do not use the arrows in your web browser to move between steps; instead, use the orange buttons in the system. Your application is editable until you actively choose to submit it at the last step.

Work with your application locally

We recommend you to compile the application locally using a word processing program, and thereafter copy and paste the text into the corresponding fields in the system. Note that formatted text (e.g. bold letters, italics, superscript symbols) will disappear when pasting your text. Please also note that the application system may count the number of characters differently to, e.g., Word. It is the application system’s character count that is valid. If the stated maximum is exceeded, all characters exceeding the maximum will be cut off. Therefore, always preview your application before submitting it.

Online guidance will be available at every step of the application

Step 1 – Grant manager/Principal investigator

A. Grant manager
Choose from a list of Swedish higher education institutions. For other organisations or institutions, state the organisation’s corporate number, and click ‘Search organisation’.

B. Contact details
The contact information you provided when creating your account is displayed. Some of the information can be updated under the ‘My profile’ category on ‘My page’.

Step 2 – Research field

A. Research field
Select "Law postdoc".

B. Grant period
The research grant is awarded for a maximum of 2 years. The grant period can start at earliest 1 July 2019 and at latest 1 January 2020.

C. Previously approved grant
 from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation
Not applicable in this call.

Step 3 – Project summary

A. Project title
in English or Swedish (no longer than 150 characters including spaces).

B. Lay summary of the proposal
should be written in Swedish (1,200–1,500 characters including spaces).

Step 4 – Other financiers

A. Other financiers
Please state if you have applied or plan to apply for grants from another financier for this project. Also state if you are awaiting a decision. State the financier, granted amount (or amount applied for) and grant period. To delete saved data, check the box ‘Delete’ next to the line and click ‘Save’.

Step 5 – Budget

The budget is prepared per calendar year, and consists of two parts (personnel costs and other costs):

Personnel costs for principal investigator and project members
State the following information about yourself and each project member that is to be financed by the grant: name, title, e-mail address (without upper case letters), university/organisation, department, payroll supplemental wage (or lönekostnadspåslag, LKP) in per cent (see below), monthly salary for full-time working time, and percentage of working time spent on the project per year. Click ‘Copy my profile information’ and your personal information from ‘My page’ will be automatically copied into the salary fields. If you are applying for salary for a not yet contracted researcher, please fill in all the fields except their name and e-mail address.

For example: a researcher working half time on the project for 1 year will have a percentage of working time of 50% for that year. The same applies to a researcher working 100% for 6 months during a year.

Choose your university or organisation from the drop-down menu and the corresponding payroll supplemental wage (LKP) figure will be generated. A supplemental wage (LKP) is the cost for the employer to employ a person in addition to their regular salary. If your university or organisation cannot be found in the drop down menu, please fill in the information manually. 

Click ‘Save/add new line’ and the sum applied for will automatically be calculated for each project member from the stated monthly income, LKP and working time on the project. When the budget for one year has been saved, you can copy and re-use the budget for the following year by clicking on ‘Copy previous year’. These data can later be changed.

Once the e-mail addresses of project members have been stated, they also have the possibility to take part in the submitted application through ‘My page’, provided that they have created their own accounts in the system.

Other costs
Every item under ‘Other costs’ must be specified in the ‘Project proposal’ (step 6).  State the total sum for each item, e.g. equipment costs, travel costs or other direct related costs that have immediate impact on the feasibility of the project. Choosing ‘Other’ opens a field enabling manual input of an item, e.g. consumables or costs for relocation. Do not include indirect costs and direct rental costs for office and laboratory space in the budget category. 

Once you have completed the above data and clicked ‘Save’, the total amount is automatically calculated, excluding the indirect costs and direct rental costs for office and laboratory space. These costs will be calculated by the Foundation from the requested total amount according to the Foundation´s policy concerning indirect costs and direct rental costs for office and laboratory space, see the Foundation's policy for indirect costs (in Swedish).

Step 6 – Proposal, cv and attachments

A. Proposal
The proposal must be written in Swedish or in English and should not exceed 25,000 characters (incl. spaces). It must include:

  • Research title, objective, theory and method and relationship to previous research.
  • Description of subprojects, preliminary results of pre-studies, time frame.
  • A short summary of the researchers qualifications and of publications of relevance to the project.
  • Current terms of employment.
  • Specification of ‘Other costs’ in the budget.
  • Reference to attachments, if applicable.
  • Presentation of ethical issues present in the project (if applicable) and description of how these will be addressed.

Ethical approval does not need to be submitted. The grant manager has the responsibility to ensure that research conducted with funding from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation complies with the terms and conditions specified in Swedish law.

Applicants are referred to the following quote from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet): ‘The principal investigator (the administrating organisation) has the responsibility to ensure that research conducted with funding from the Swedish Research Council complies with the terms and conditions specified in Swedish law. For certain research you must ensure that approval has been obtained from the Regional Ethical Review Board or the Ethical Committee on Animal Experiments in compliance with the law and regulations issued by the Government. Other permits might also be required, e.g. for research on drugs, genetically modified organisms, or ionising radiation. Furthermore, you must ensure that the project (or equivalent) is conducted in accordance with good research practices. You and the representative of the administrating organisation affirm your responsibility when you agree to the terms of the grant.’ (see 'Ethical guidelines' from the Swedish Research Council).

B. Curriculum vitae
CV is mandatory. Eligible career breaks shall be stated in the CV and shall be confirmed upon request. Attach CV as one single PDF document (maximum 2 MB). Attached documents can be previewed in step 7 ‘Preview’.

C. Letter of recommendation
It is mandatory to send in a letter from the head of the department or equivalent certifying that the applicant will be employed as a post-doctor if awarded. Attach it as a PDF document of maximum 2 MB.

D. Other attachments to the proposal (maximum of two documents)
Other attachments to the proposal are not mandatory: only submit these if the content cannot be expressed in the project description. Attached document should be in PDF format and each document should not exceed 2 MB

E. Thesis
It is mandatory to refer to the electronic version of your thesis.

F. Other publications
You may refer to a maximum of two other of your publications in electronic format.

Step 7 – Preview

Here you can preview your application before submitting it. Once submitted, your application cannot be changed.

Save your application as a draft
To save your document as a draft, click ‘Cancel’. The application will be saved under the tab ‘On-going applications’ on ‘My page’.

Submit your application
As a last step, the principal investigator must certify that the head of the department has been informed about the application and that the submitted information is correct. If the application is granted, the head of the department will have to approve the conditions of the decision. A submitted application cannot be changed.


Once you have submitted your application you will be redirected to ‘My page’. A message confirming that ‘Your application is now submitted’ will be displayed, as well as a case reference number. We recommend that you make a note of this reference number. You can follow the decision process under the tab ‘Submitted applications’.

Further questions
For more information about the application process, preparation, grant awarding process and the monitoring of approved grants, see the call for proposalsfrequently asked questions (Swedish) or contact us.