Meet Camilla

I think that if you would ask my friends and colleagues about me they would answer that I am a driven, stubborn, and optimistic person. I hope that they would also say happy and energetic, because that is what I feel like. Tough I have to admit that it is tough to be a young investigator at times; I would not have chosen any differently if I were to do it again. I often bike to work (on my Söderberg bike) with a good feeling and I realize that I am fortunate to have a stimulating job where I can focus on what feels important to me. I try to pay attention not only to the big, but also to the small advancements, and I have learnt that it is really important to celebrate whenever you can. So, we eat a lot of cookies and chocolate in my lab, and I have my special “hallway dance” that I try to practice as often I can (it includes little jumps). 

Running and biking keeps me balanced. It is amazing how the proportion of a problem is reduced after a couple of kilometers with increased heart rate. What I listen to when I am running? Anything – it depends on the taste of the day, it could be the top list on Spotify, Timbuktu, Red Hot Chili peppers, Dave Matthews band  - or why not an audio book? I trained for the Stockholm Marathon with Mons Kallentoft’s books and National Public Radio (USA) as company. I am a spinning instructor at Friskis&Svettis and my classes are like small highlights of my week. It is fun and inspiring to meet the exercisers and I think we help each other to push that little extra. 

I love to travel both by imagination through books and for real. I met my partner when I was a PhD student at the University of California in San Diego, and I think that we started our journey together by agreeing on that nothing beats the feeling of packing the car (at that time an old Chevy Nova) and heading out for a weekend adventure. I think the best trip we did during our years in the US was to hike through the “Narrows” in Zion National Park. Stunningly beautiful nature! We still love to travel and are constantly planning were to go next. There is something special about exploring a to us unknown corner of the world. But it does not have to be far away, even though we have lived in Stockholm for four years now we are still discovering new gems around the city. 

Coffee is an important part of my day. My Italian man is spoiling me by serving Italian espresso in the morning. What a great way to wake up! I am dreaming of buying a small house in Italy…