Hopes & expectations

I am very proud to be a Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine. Biology is complex and as researchers we are often fighting against the odds, and trying to find the answer sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The thing with science is that we know that the needle is in there, somewhere. It is just a matter of searching the right way, in new ways, from the other way. My mentor once told me that it is called “RE-search” for a reason. It takes time. It is expensive. There are no guarantees. But it is utterly important, and in the end our work will make a difference, it will help us understand how to detect or fight a medical issue. When I was awarded support from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation it felt like my haystack got a bit smaller.

With five years funding I can spend more time looking for answers and less time looking for money. The feeling of confirmation, that someone else also believes that I am on the right track, adds confidence and motivation to continue our work. So during the next five years as a Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in medicine I envision that we will advance our knowledge on how antibodies contribute to chronic pain, hopefully to the point where it will have an impact on how this type of pain is treated. I am curious about the other fellows and anticipate that we will all benefit from getting to know each other under the Ragnar Söderberg umbrella. Exciting things happen in medical cross-roads and I would not be surprised if collaborations will be initiated between us based on the new contact surface this award has created.

I am ready to act as an ambassador for the Foundation and I can already now foresee how proud I will be telling the audience that I was one of the first Ragnar Söderberg Fellows in Medicine.