Hopes & expectations

To be a young scientist about to start your own research group is challenging. You often need to be able to finance yourself, your group-members and the research you are about to conduct. To be chosen as Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in medicine has given me the possibility to expand my research group and to start projects I otherwise wouldn´t be able to start. I will take this opportunity and spend the next five years to establish myself as an independent researcher and to form and lead a research group that conducts high quality research within my research field. I have recently recruited a talented PhD student, who has started her projects with great enthusiasm, and my aim is to recruit one more PhD student during the next five years. One goal with the next five years is to mentor these students and provide them with the best possible prerequisites to become independent researchers.

My research is in the very intriguing field of bone biology. Fractures in both males and females result in suffering and great costs for society and there is a need for new and better treatment strategies to prevent fractures. In my research group we will dissect the mechanism behind the positive effect of the female sex steroid estrogen on bone and specifically look at bone loss caused by inflammation and I believe that in five years we will have improved our knowledge and understanding in this field significantly. I am also confident that these five years will give me the experience needed to establish myself as an independent researcher and that my discoveries will result in new innovative ideas that will be further funded.

To be appointed Ragnar Söderberg Fellow is a great honor and I look at the future with great confidence!