Source of energy and inspiration

To balance the very dynamic time as a group leader, I finally found a perfect source of energy and inspiration: the Swedish forests. Coming from Austria and being spoiled with hiking tracks in the Alps, I did honestly not expect to find satisfaction with forest hiking tracks in Sweden. And, I was wrong!

Almost every weekend I am enjoying nature during all seasons – summer, autumn, winter and spring – at Roslagsleden and Sörmlandsleden and it is truly amazing. Just in half an hour from central Stockholm there it is, untouched nature, such as the Tyresta National Park, rare bird breeding areas, lakes and deep forest. My favorite of all is to watch the nature waking up. Swedish spring is very short, but intensive! Vitsippor (small white flowers) everywhere, holding their faces into the spring sun. Birds are singing, and spiders, snakes and butterflies are waking up from their winter sleep.

Within two weeks – the nature changes from brown to fresh green – the trees seem to be a factory of sprouts and leaves, which reminds me of the enormous potential of stem cells. They are important everywhere, for plants, animals, humans and of course in hair follicles. Having said that, now back in the dynamic world of science and the ‘sterile’ lab environment, if you also sometimes feel the need of energy and inspiration I strongly recommend a hike in the Swedish forest.