The sound of a busy lab

I work at two different places. Every other week I am at the Center for Inherited metabolic disease at the Karolinska University Hospital, focusing on metabolic diseases and genetic counseling of patients. The rest of the time, and when ever I can make it, I am at the division of Metabolic Diseases at the Karolinska Institute (KI) to meet and work with my group members and colleagues in the lab.

We recently moved into a much larger lab and with more space more people can fit. I really enjoy the sound of an increasingly busy lab, of people moving about, discussing with each other, planning new experiments or showing me new results. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and one can see the overall progress made in our research. We are trying to understand how the energy-producing units of our cells work, what happens when things go wrong and how we can treat patients suffering from mitochondrial disease.

We are finally coming to the point where we have established the genetic models and performed a lot of the basic molecular characterization we initially wanted to do, allowing us to focus on the task ahead. The collective believe in the lab, that we can increase our understanding of the diseases we work with and maybe even identify treatments keeps me motivated and allows me to go on, even though going through the process of publishing or satisfying reviewers can sometimes be exhausting.