Ragnar Söderberg project in economic sciences

6 November – 5 December 2017 at 15:00

Apply using the web-based submission service. Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

This call is addressed to junior researchers with a PhD that have innovative ideas, proven scientific excellence and high ambitions to develop economic sciences. The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation intends to fund small innovative research environments and is therefore announcing grants for 3–5 researchers that are cooperating in a collaborative project. Please note that this call is addressed to researchers in Economics and therefore the principal investigator must have a PhD in Economics, but additional team members may come from other disciplines. The researchers can be active at the same or at different universities. The project should not be an extension of a previous project.

All of the researchers in the application must have:

  • a Swedish PhD or an equivalent foreign degree awarded during 2006–2016. (This period can be extended by a maximum of 2 years to allow for eligible career breaks, which include continuous periods of at least 1 month of parental leave or long-term illness.)
  • established research at, or taken up contact with, a Swedish university or research institute.

A host institution support letter from the head of the department (or equivalent) must be included in the application. In the letter, the head of the department should describe how the research project and its members are integrated or will be integrated at the department regarding education, supervision, administration etc.  

The grant
The grant can be up to a maximum of SEK 7 million (excluding indirect costs and direct rental costs for office space) for a period of maximum 4 years. During the grant period, additional funding may be applied for to cover costs for workshop, organisation of conference or for publishing. The grant may be used to cover the following costs:

  • Salary for applicants (covering a maximum of 50% for applicants having an employment for an indefinite period (tillsvidareanställning)).
  • Salary for research assistant with specified tasks (not for PhD students or administrators).
  • International guest researchers for shorter periods.
  • Visits/stays at a foreign university or research institute.
  • Data collecting and travel to conference for individual researchers (not for computers or literature).

Indirect costs and direct rental costs for office space are financed according to the policy of the Foundation (available only in Swedish). Researchers with doctoral degree awarded 2005 or earlier and PhD students can be included in the project but not be financed from this grant. The grant period can start at earliest 1 July 2018 and at latest 1 January 2019.

The applications will be assessed according to the scientific quality of the proposal, the qualifications of the researchers and the added value of the collaboration. Eligible applications will be evaluated by a peer-review group of three professors in Economics. The experts will first assess each proposal independently according to pre-determined criteria. This will lead to the identification of a number of highly rated proposals that will be discussed by the experts at a consensus meeting. Together, the group will decide on a ranking of the final proposals. The highest ranked applicants will be interviewed by experts in the presence of representatives from the Foundation. Attending the interview is a prerequisite for approval.

With the ranking as a basis the board will make the final decision on awarding the grants. Successful applicants will receive a notification letter containing the terms and instructions on how the funding can be used and how it will be received. A list of all awarded grants will be published on the Foundation’s website. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via e-mail and via ‘My page’.